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It all began with a visionary idea—reimagining business growth in a world transformed by AI. Founded by the renowned tech visionary Gurbaksh Chahal, along with a team of leading AI researchers and PhDs, ePiphany AI became a reality, applying artificial intelligence to tackle real-world challenges with unprecedented creativity and effectiveness.


At ePiphany AI, we turn complexity into clarity. Our intelligent platforms are meticulously designed to bolster decision-making and foster innovation across essential business domains. Each solution is crafted not only to automate routine tasks but also to spotlight pivotal insights, liberating you to concentrate on strategic initiatives that truly matter. We serve a wide array of industries including media, research, market intelligence, data management, healthcare, financial services, retail, manufacturing, energy, and telecommunications. By integrating AI into these sectors, we empower organizations to achieve remarkable efficiency and impact.


Integrity is the cornerstone of everything we do at ePiphany AI. Our commitment to ethical technology manifests in solutions that honor your values and bolster your growth. Transparency, accountability, and efficacy aren’t merely attributes of our offerings—they are the very pillars on which they stand.


Innovation is the heartbeat of our operation. By forging strong partnerships with both academia and industry leaders, we ensure that our technologies remain at the forefront, continuously advancing and adapting. This relentless pursuit of excellence enables our clients to not just keep pace but lead in an ever-evolving marketplace.


ePiphany AI is more than a technology provider—we are a dedicated partner in your journey toward transformation. Trusted by frontrunners in media, finance, healthcare, and technology, we are poised to elevate your business to unprecedented levels of efficiency and impact.

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